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War in the Mediterranean

From Cap Anamur to Frontex and the new European camps

    a production by Roman Herzog (2008) 

After saving 37 refugees from drowning in the Mediterranean Sea in the summer of 2004, Captain Stefan Schmidt and the head of the German humanitarian organization Cap Anamur, Elias Bierdel, were accused of illegal people trafficking. Since November 2006 the court case has been proceeding in Agrigento, Sicily, but few people seem to recognize that it is the future of humanitarian action in Europe which is at stake at this trial.... continue »»

stalag imi Soldati di Badoglio
Badoglio's Soldiers)

The interned Italian soldiers in Germany

     produced by Amis and Radioparole (2007) 

with the contribution of the Fondo italiano di assistenza vittime del nazismo - Legge 249/2000- managed by the Italian Jewish community

Through numerous direct testimonies the audio documentary "Badoglio’s Soldiers" turns back to the disgrace of those Italians arrested by the Nazis and the Fascists and deported to the Reich’s prisons and forced labour camps after September 8th of 1943.
... continue »»

Nell'abisso dell'uomo
In the Human Abyss)

On Giorgio Agamben's Philosophy

a production by Roman Herzog (2006)

His radical criticism of Western governments' politics after 1989 made him famous. With Homo Sacer he became philosophy’s international star. This radio feature introduces to the intellectual universe of Giorgio Agamben, considered as one of the most powerful and inspiring philosophers worldwide. ... continue »»

Il sogno di una cosa
(The dream of a thing)

Italian farmers and
 workers in Tito's Yugoslavia

a production by Amis and Radioparole (2006)
Between 1946 and 1947 some thousand people emigrated from the Friuli Venezia Giulia (a northeastern region of Italy) heading to the newly born federal socialist republic of Yugoslavia... continue »»

Porta d'Europa
(Europe's Gate)

 Lampedusa and the refugees

a production by Roman Herzog (2005)

As an effect of the new European immigration politics that restrict and deny the possibilities of legal entry, since 1990 the island of Lampedusa has become one of the main arrival points of the so called “clandestini”, the illegal immigrants… continue »»

Trinacria Nera

The history of the triangle of death

a production by Roman Herzog (2005)

The history and the effects of Europe’s biggest petrochemical area, in Sicily, between Augusta, Priolo and Melilli, near the us-airbase Sigonella… continue »»

Le storie di Stanka e Maria

Le storie di Stanka e Maria
(The histories of Stanka and Maria)

The deportation of the Roma and Sinti population in Friuli Venezia Giulia during the second world war

a production by Opera Nomadi and Radioparole (2005)

A Roma community of Slovene origin lives in Friuli Venezia Giulia. The families therefore hold names like Braidich, Hudorovich e Levakovich. But there are only few that know their history, Stanka’s history for example...continue »»



 The persecution and extermination of the Roma
and Sint
i population by the Nazis

a production by Opera Nomadi and Radioparole (2004)

Who know the meaning of the word "Porrajmos"?
Porrajmos in the Roma language means "devouring" indicating the persecution and the extermination of the Roma population by the Third Reich...continue »»

Le voci di San Sabba

Le voci di San Sabba
(The voices of San Sabba)

 The legal case of the crimes committed
at the Risiera
di San Sabba

a production by Radioparole (2003)

In 1976 in Trieste a process was held against the crimes committed in the Nazi-lager of Risiera di San Sabba, thirty years after the facts.  A late trial after late and insufficient investigations, that remained unsatisfying for many reasons; and with an empty dock... continue »»